Valentines 2011

Spoiled again: Alex got me flowers and cooked dinner (using ingredients all from the pantry so we didn’t spend any money on food – swoon!). We had some yummy Valentines cookies that I baked yesterday and snuggled on the couch. Perfect.

(Also, weird: when I was driving to work this morning I briefly considered stopping at EBGames on the way home to buy a pink PS3 controller for me and Little Big Planet 2 so that we could play together. I didn’t tell Alex I was thinking that and we hadn’t talked about any of those things. But when I got home, he presented me with a shiny new pink PS3 controller and said he bought Little Big Planet 2 so we could play together. How freaky is that?!)

Nerdy Valentine's treats for Nerdy Girls (like me!)

CrunchGear posted a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for girls and some of the suggestions are really adorable! :) I especially like the plastic 8-bit flowers and the

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Why not try a box of sushi candy? Straight from Japan, this candy set combines creativity and cholesterol with a DIY set of powders and gels that react together to create what looks like real sushi. In fact, it’s sushi candy!

realistic gummy heart only a true science nerd could appreciate

She’ll be the envy of her office as this plastic bouquet sits on her desk year round to make co-workers jealous and remind her how awesome and thoughtful her guy is. Because every Princess needs a Mario! Plus, it never needs watering.

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