So, it's basically April already?

Holy crap – the first quarter of the year is over already! Tomorrow is April. Oh, and it might will probably snow – wtf.

Work is going well – I’m finally feeling confident in my ability to do the job and I like my coworkers. It’s still weird working for a big company and not having a lot of coworkers that I’m close with and like to socialize with. I guess most people would say this is a good thing. It definitely means less drama – and that is good. It’s nice to have work be just this place that you go to during the week and (except for weeks I’m on call) I don’t have to think about on nights and weekends. Definite win.

Taxes suck. We did some money juggling last year and ended up owing on our taxes this year. Which sucks. I spent some time with the taxes tonight (doesn’t that sound almost pleasant – like I sat with paperwork in a dimmed room sipping on wine… that’s not what happened) and was able to figure out that if we filed as married filing separately we’d end up owing $1k less. So that’s what we’re doing. I feel like a rock star for finally sitting down and doing that – and for taking the time to try out all the different options and saving us some money.

I also baked cookies for Alex and brought them to him at the fire station tonight. And I did some dishes. And took out the trash. Where’s my gold star, because I rock!

I’ve had some fertility testing done. So far, one lab value came back in a not good range (well, only one that I know of). Unfortunately, it’s my follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level, which a not good number for that hormone could mean very bad things, like premature ovarian failure. I’m definitely not there yet, but an elevated number could mean that I’m on my way there. Very scary. I had a kind of invasive radiology exam on Monday called an HSG to check and make sure that “the tubes are clear”. They are. So that’s good. I’ve got a follow up scheduled with my doc on Wednesday and I’m not sure what the next step is… I have to admit that I’ve already scheduled an appointment with a fertility clinic… Just in case. They couldn’t get me in until May, so I figure that if my doc gives me hope and a plan that seems reasonable I’ll call the clinic back and push the appointment out a few months.

In the midst of all this fertility testing, I found out that my thyroid levels are very close to hypothyroid range. I’ve done a lot of reading on that and I’ve heard that the range that the lab has for normal is actually higher than is recommended for ladies who are trying to get pregnant. I pushed a little with my endocrinologist and she agreed to put me on medication (Synthroid). Who knows – thyroid issues can interfere with trying to conceive and can cause miscarriages – so maybe getting on the thyroid medication will help in that area. I hope so, anyway!

Speaking of that area – babies – Beck is in the hospital in labor now! Hopefully things are going smoothly for her and I can’t wait to find out if we have a new niece or a new nephew. :)

In other news, Alex had an exciting beginning to his week. He usually rides on Rescue 1, which means that he does a lot of paramedic calls. Here’s what he did Monday morning:

Della Rocco also credited the responding firefighters with getting the grandmother out when they did.

“Obviously, they did an outstanding job,” Della Rocco said.

Members of Rescue 1 were returning back to the station after another call when the call came in for the Stanley Street fire, Della Rocco said.

They entered the building and found the woman, Della Rocco said, all without the protection of a hose line on the fire.

“They entered the building and brought her out of the rear stairwell and actually began treatment right in the back yard,” Della Rocco said. “It was really an outstanding effort on their part.”

It was shortly after the rescue, and not long after firefighters arrived, that firefighters withdrew from the building as it was too dangerous.

You can see the full article here. I’m so proud of him!