Parade Day 2011

Yesterday was the St Patrick’s Parade day and, of course, we went out for it. Can’t break a 10+ year tradition! I had a fab day. Alex worked a 24 Friday, so when he got home at about 8:30am, he relaxed a bit before we went anywhere. We started the morning off with the party at the AFD union hall where we met up with Steve & Danielle, Rob & Danielle, and the Gonyos. We enjoyed Guinness and watched Hair of the Dog who were there playing in a tent next to the hall. I was pysched because I knew that their shows that evening were sold out and I didn’t expect to be able to see them yesterday. We haven’t been to that party in about 7 years or maybe more (omg we’re old) and it’s gotten *huge*. Last time we were there, HOTD was playing on the stereo and this year they were playing there live – LOL! It was a really crowded party and folks were drunk really early in the AM, but we had an awesome time.

Parade Gear: Union T-Shirt, Green Beads, and Silver Tiger Patterned Rain Boots

After the party we went downtown to where the parade route ends and ate lunch at The Pump Station where the pipe bands come after marching in the parade and play. A very cool tradition of ours that we were happy to keep going – unfortunately we got there too early to see the pipers play. Ah well.

Alex contemplating his beer at the Pump Station.

Our day ended earlier than we expected owing to our having to head back home early to drop off Alex’s friend, Eli, who turned into a pumpkin at 5pm. We thought we’d be able to catch up with folks later out locally (after a nap), but it turned out most people weren’t out later on. We ended up having dinner just the two of us at a Cajun restaurant, Cafe NOLA, where there was a Blues trio playing. The food, atmosphere, and music were good and it was a nice end to the night.

Blues trio at Cafe NOLA

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day – capped off by the fact that even though I consumed a lot of points, I tracked them *all* AND I still have 26 weeklies remaining! Win!

Today is a lazy Sunday. I made us breakfast from my leftovers from lunch yesterday. I brought home half a reuben and some sweet potato fries. I removed the innards of the sandwich and chopped them up along with the fries and a small onion and fried all that up (in cooking spray). Then I made sunny side up eggs for Alex and over medium eggs for me and served them with my “reuben and sweet potato fries hash”. It turned out pretty good! Alex is making Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner and I’m going to make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for dessert – so it’ll be a very St Patty’s day dinner. :)