So Coxsackie Virus Sucks…

Max with Coxsackie Virus :(

I pulled in our garage at about 5:30pm on Monday, rushed into the house, kicked off my shoes, and ran to find Max and Alex. Alex was getting dinner ready in the kitchen while Max played in his Exersaucer. I scooped up the little guy and snuzzled him.

“How was his day?” I asked Alex.

“Good!” he replied, “He got outside today and did well with his food and bottles. They said he had a really good day.”

“Of course he did,” I said, looking at Max with pride while he smiled broadly back at me.

“Oh,” Alex said, “There was a sign up on his room at Daycare. There’s a confirmed case of the Coxsackie Virus in his room.”

And so began our slow march to inevitble doom.
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