Four Month Photo Session!

We took Max for his 4 month photo session tonight – it’s getting harder and harder to choose which pictures to buy now! And tonight we didn’t get away with just getting the one free sheet included with the iGrow membership, of course. Here are the pictures we came home with:

Max holding Mommy’s & Daddy’s hands.

Max doing some Tummy Time and smiling.

Max being held up like Simba – OMG his hair looks so light in this picture!

Both of my guys smiling!

And here are some pictures I was sad to have to leave behind…

Sticking out his tongue at Mommy

Looking like such a big boy!

Getting some love from Mommy and Daddy – I love his face here lol!

Max did much better this photo session than in months past – of course I kind of expected that as he got older having a giant camera pointed at him and flashes going off would bother him less. I’m thrilled that we finally got some professional pictures of him smiling! Now we just have to continue to work on those tummy time skills to get him pushing himself up more – now you really have to prop him up and still he mostly just eats his hands (lol). I can’t wait until he can sit up – we’ll have so much fun then!