Four Month Photo Session!

We took Max for his 4 month photo session tonight – it’s getting harder and harder to choose which pictures to buy now! And tonight we didn’t get away with just getting the one free sheet included with the iGrow membership, of course. Here are the pictures we came home with:

Max holding Mommy’s & Daddy’s hands.

Max doing some Tummy Time and smiling.

Max being held up like Simba – OMG his hair looks so light in this picture!

Both of my guys smiling!

And here are some pictures I was sad to have to leave behind…

Sticking out his tongue at Mommy

Looking like such a big boy!

Getting some love from Mommy and Daddy – I love his face here lol!

Max did much better this photo session than in months past – of course I kind of expected that as he got older having a giant camera pointed at him and flashes going off would bother him less. I’m thrilled that we finally got some professional pictures of him smiling! Now we just have to continue to work on those tummy time skills to get him pushing himself up more – now you really have to prop him up and still he mostly just eats his hands (lol). I can’t wait until he can sit up – we’ll have so much fun then!

Shots, Shopping, and Showing up

Ok, the last word in the title doesn’t actually make that much sense, but the first two words started with an “sh” and I really felt that the last one should too…

Max turned 4 months old today! I didn’t get to do his 4 month picture yet, though, because he had his 4 month dr appointment today and that meant shots – which meant a tired and on the verge of cranky baby the rest of the day. He did very well at his appointment. He smiled a lot at his doctor and really only cried for a minute when the nurse gave him his (3!) shots. He now weighs 14 pounds, 8 ounces and is 24.75 inches long. He’s just under the 50th percentile for both his weight and height, and is almost at the 70th percentile for his head size. So he’s my average little guy with a big head!

His doctor reassured me that, despite his daycare teachers’ claims, he is getting enough food during the day at school. Lately, they keep telling me that he’s always hungry. He’s not always hungry for me when I have him all day, so I haven’t been sending more food. I struggle as it is to pump 16 ounces a day to send along with him (and actually, haven’t been able to keep up with that recently). I think that he’s just sleepy when he’s fussy at school. He only ever naps for 45 minutes at a time and when he’s at school they only put him down for 3 naps a day. During the same time period that he’s at school, he napped 5 times today. That’s because I make sure to put him down for a nap no longer than 90 minutes after he’s been awake. I’ve mentioned this to his teachers and am hoping that they can work more frequent naps into his day. I also mentioned to them that he’s a huge comfort sucker and suggested that the give him a pacifier when he’s finished his bottle. I think they think that I’m weird or starving him but I hope they take my suggestions. I hate to think of him being the grumpy baby at school. And since my pumping output has decreased, I’m going to need to start supplementing with a bottle or two of formula a day at school, so I’m worried that they’ll keep feeding him even when he’s not really hungry at school since they won’t be limited by the amount of breast milk I’m sending each day. I think that they may come around to the not hungry thing, though. They defrosted milk yesterday to give him a bottle on top of what I’d sent because he was having a difficult afternoon and they assumed he was hungry. The kid did not eat it, continued to scream at them, and passed out. Yep, he passed out because he wasn’t hungry, he was tired! Hopefully they’ll have learned from that…

Anyway, after we came home from Max’s doctor appointment this morning and we snuggled and he napped for a bit, Max and I went out and about for the afternoon. We stopped by Dodi’s shop to hang out for a few minutes and finally drop off Emma’s first birthday gift (which I’d had in the back of my car since January…). Then I dragged Max all around the mall looking for shoes to wear to the fire department banquet tomorrow night. I finally did find a pair, the first pair that I tried on and then went back to after ruling out every other pair of shoes in the mall. After that, we went to Walmart where I picked up some white fabric to go with the Michael Miller fabric for curtains in the playroom. I also got tension rods for the curtains I’ll make in the playroom – I can’t wait to have them done and hung up in that room!!

The other thing that I needed to get at Walmart was caramel sauce. Why, you ask? Well, so I could make caramel buttercream frosting to go on top of the chocolate cupcakes I’d made earlier this AM. This was my first attempt at caramel buttercream, which I made from a Wilton recipe I found online. It came out pretty good, although next time I make it I will use all butter to make it, rather than 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening. The frosting was good, but I felt like I could taste the “fakeness” of the shortening. I piped the frosting on top of the cupcakes and then sprinkled some kosher salt on top to make them salted caramel cupcakes. Then we packed up the cupcakes and the baby and headed up to Clifton Park to celebrate the Wham’s birthday! We did gifts at the house (I gave Wham a book that I had created from her blog posts from when they lived in Dubai) and then went to Outback for dinner.

It was quite a busy day! Now I’m laying in bed waiting for the nail polish on my toenails to dry. Tiredness is taking over, though, so I may need to give in and snuggle under the covers and risk a smudged toenail. It’s back to work tomorrow, which means getting up bright and early around 5:30 – and that will come quicker than I’m ready for!

Like a Walk in the Park

Alex and I took Max for a walk in “our” park today. It was such a gorgeous day and one of the very few this month that we have off together, so I was excited to do something outside together as a family. Since Max is not a huge fan of being strapped into things and he was very awake, we didn’t bother with the stroller and instead put him in the sling. He’s started doing this thing lately where when you hold him up to your shoulder he twists around and leans forward so that he can see everything that’s going on. So I’ve started facing him forward in his sling so that he can see what’s up. This worked out great for our walk today! Max was so happy to see all the sights in our park and actually tolerated an almost hour long walk!


Despite the look on his face, I assure you that Max really enjoyed the walk!

Tickle Me Max

This week we found out that Max is ticklish! I discovered this when I was taking off his onesie to get him ready for bed the other night. As I lifted his arms up to get ready to take the onesie off over his head, all of a sudden Max let out a little giggle. I stopped what I was doing and looked down into his face.

“Are you ticklish?!” I said. Max stared back at me, smiling. I leaned close to him and tickled him under his arm. He giggled again and wiggled around.

“HON!!” I yelled, to Alex who was downstairs in the kitchen doing the dinner dishes. “Get up here, you have to see this!!” Alex ran up the stairs and into Max’s room. I commenced tickling Max… Who gave a half-hearted giggle. Of course the boy would not giggle on demand. Even so, Alex was thrilled. Yep, we’re truly parents – every little thing Max does is brilliant.

If only…

If only I could somehow pump milk in my sleep. Like a cow, as Alex said when I whined that sentiment to him. I don’t care if it’s cow-like… This staying up or waking up to pump thing is getting old. At least when Max wakes me up, we can lay in bed and nurse. I’m whiiiiiiiiining, I know… Just gotta keep reminding myself that this is a short period of time that Max needs milk from me in the grand scheme of things. And at least we “un-cut” the cord and have cable again. HGTV makes the middle of the night pumping sessions a bit more bearable lol!