Creative & Cute ways to serve food so kids (and adults bored with healthy food) will eat it!

Over at one of my favorite crafting blogs, Make it and Love it, there’s a guest poster (from the blog, “Our Best Bites”) who does a mini-series focused on kids in the kitchen. These are some of my favorites from the post – but there are a lot more and you should definitely click through to read them all! :)

(Aren’t the Octopus Hot Dogs the most adorable things you’ve *ever* seen?!)

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Muffin Tin Meals

Essentially, you’re just serving lunch in a muffin pan, filling each space with something different.

it forces me to think of food groups and variety while I try to decide what to put in it.

Ditch the Fork

Get creative

If I can turn anything into an animal or a funny face, my kids will eat it up.  Octo-dogs for example  Just slice your hot dogs into 8 pieces, but only half way up and boil until cooked.  Pipe on a face with ketchup.  We love these on mac and cheese!   

you can cut all sorts of things with cookie cutters.  We love making fun shapes with our sandwiches

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