Let the Playroom Planning Begin!

When we bought our house, we thought that the room between the kitchen and the garage would make a good playroom. It’s the only room in the house that’s carpeted and it’s tucked out of the way and separate from the living room – where Alex would like to keep free of toys (hahahahahahaha). It will be a while before Max is really able to use that room (since it is so separate), but I’m gearing up to start decorating that room (since it will likely take me approximately 100 years to finish all the projects I’d like to do for it!). It’s really just been an oversized mud room since we’ve been in the house – a place to dump your shoes and coats on the way in from the garage. Alex painted the room last year a deep royal purple and I think that color will be a great playroom color. I picked out the fabrics that I’d like to use for it today and started to fill up my Playroom Ideas Pinbord. I’m starting to get really excited for that room!!