House Project Wish List

Necessary Items:

  • Fix sheetrock in the family room where the roof was leaking in the fall.  Probably need to replace the insulation above that too since I hear that never really dries out.
  • Figure out where the water was coming in at the front of the house as a result of the ice dam.  Fix that.
  • Mount over-the-range microwave, um, over the range.
  • Install an electrical outlet under the range so that it can be plugged in there instead of via an extension cord that comes out of a cabinet and into the wall next to the sink.
  • Address attic insulation (which was installed incorrectly by the previous homeowner).  Remove old and put in new.
  • Remove chipping/peeling paint from upstairs bathroom ceiling and repaint.
  • Remove the wallpaper and then paint the dining room/kitchen (this is a *need* because we’ve painted color splotches to try them out in that room and it looks weird).
  • Repaint the trim around the living room windows and the radiator cover below that since they’re now all stained by icky brown gunk that came in with the leaking water.

Would love to do items:

  • Replace the kitchen counters.
  • Replace the crappy linoleum floor in the kitchen (that’s almost a *need* to do item).
  • Replace the lighting fixtures in the kitchen (because OMG I hate them!).
  • Re-glaze the tub.
  • Replace the pink tile in the upstairs bathroom with white and black trim subway tile on the walls and black and white octagonal tiles on the floor.
  • Replace the lighting fixtures and medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom.
  • Fix the doorbell.
  • Paint my sewing room either pale turquoise or pale pink.
  • Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom (so that we can put away the standing fan that Alex insists on using every night which makes a terrible airplane sounding noise and drives me crazy).
  • Replace all of the switch plates in the house since the old ones look yellowy.
  • Replace the motion detector flood light on the garage over the driveway with one that actually works.
  • Replace the post light with one that actually works.
  • Remove the posts that flank both of our driveways since they don’t have lights on them and I’m fairly positive that if we did put lights on them kids would just knock them off since they’re about waist high and the perfect target for bored kids (and we’ve got a lot of kid traffic around our house due to it being on a park and a block away from a K-8 charter school).
  • Get a bookshelf for the dining room that I can use (with pretty baskets) as a pantry so I don’t need to walk down into the (kind of gross) basement every time I want to use some of the BJ’s supply.
  • Clean up the basement a bit – maybe eventually finish the one side – but for now make it a little more hospitable.
  • Replace the living room furniture (which is looking worn and beat).
  • Find a buffet/console for the weird plant stand area of the family room – a perfect place for keys/grab on the way out the door stuff.
  • Move the old kitchen island that’s currently in the family room to my sewing room to be used as a cutting table.

That is all.  (For now.)

Highs and Lows

So it seems like with every little bit of good news, we get bad news these days.  I’m all for balance in the universe, but, frankly, I’d rather have a bit more in the happy stuff column for a while.

Our cooktop broke, randomly, in the summer (bad).  We really don’t like cooking with electric, so we decided to replace it with a gas cooktop and over the range microwave so that we could free up some counter space (good).  After spending $1000 on appliances (a clearance Electrolux cooktop and Frigidaire Microwave which we’re excited about and got a great deal on (good)), we had torrential rain which brought to light an issue with our roof that the roofer we had out last year didn’t properly fix and will cost us around $1500 to repair (bad).

I finally realized that I was working in a toxic environment (bad), and so got a new job (good).  Meanwhile, all signs point to layoffs in the fire department and Alex will likely lose his job (bad).  Oh, and since we have a corner lot, the curb fee proposed in the city budget will be pretty high for us, given that it’s a per-foot charge based on a property’s frontage with city streets (bad).  So, we get to pay the city more while we lose an income (bad).

Oh yeah, and then today my doctor’s office called me and said that my thyroid levels were low (bad).  I don’t know at all what that means for me yet or what it means for our desire to start a family; I have a doctor appointment in the morning, but for now, all I can thinks is, “bad”.

And, can it please stop raining?