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You Can't Call Me Al…

…because you could technically call me “Al”, and you could technically call Alex “Al”, and that’s weird. This guy at work, who I’ve never met in person before today and only previously exchanged one or two emails with keeps calling me “Al”.  In emails, in person… He must know an Alison that liked to go by Al.  It’s just kind of bizarre, though, to be called Al by someone you just met in a professional setting.

But really, mainly, the reason you shouldn’t call me Al is I get that Paul Simon song – no, not just the song, but the video as well – stuck in my head.  The song is a definite earworm and the video is just so goofy.  All I can think is “Paul Simon is wicked short and Chevy Chase is wicked tall and this song makes me want to do that little brass section dance they do in the video.”