The Worst

I’ve been working on my little guy’s Halloween costume. Every year I make his costume, and every year I question why I do that… This year he asked to be a superhero and I died of cute. He asked to be something! He knows what Halloween is! He’s been practicing saying “trick-or-treat”!

He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure episode, and I figured that’s where he got the superhero idea, so I’m attempting to make a Super Mickey costume. I’m using the McCall’s M7002 pattern, which, as I’m still a novice at using patterns, is a little intimidating. I’ve been cutting fabric for what feels like 30 days (really just about 3 hours off and on while playing with the boy) and I’m so done. I hope this results in a fairly good costume and not just a pile of fabric!

Hopefully I’ll have it finished up tomorrow – or at least by Wednesday night so he can wear it to his parade at school on Thursday!!