A month to go!

Today is December 13th, which means that we’re a month away from Baby’s due date. I need to check with my practice tomorrow to find out how long they let you go past your due date if Baby doesn’t come on their own. If they let me go up to two weeks past, that means we’re at most 45 days away from having a baby as of today. Holy crap!

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling too crazed about baby preparations. There are still things to buy and things to do, but I’m sure whatever needs to get done will get done, and anything else will come in time. It’s kind of nice to have Christmas fall right in the middle of this 9th month. It gives me something else to focus on and prepare for and I think that’s what’s helping me not get too torqued up over Baby prep. We’ve had the house decorated for a good two weeks already and our Christmas cards are already in the mail (which has to be a record for me). Shopping is about 75% complete at this point and there are some sewing projects still to be done, but they should all come together quickly. I’m actually hoping to get the bulk of my sewing done tomorrow after work and to finalize my shopping on Saturday.

It’s a good thing that I’m not feeling compelled to do any major shopping or projects right now because I’m so tired at night that I pass out not long after dinner and really don’t have time to get anything done in the evening before I’m asleep for the night! Like, right now it’s only 8:30 and I’m really struggling to stay awake. People tell me to enjoy the sleep while I can get it now, but I’d also like to be able to enjoy doing whatever I want right now before I’ll have a little needy baby to attend to! I also feel bad that all of my quality time with Alex is spent with me snoring next to him on the couch. He doesn’t seem to mind, though – he’s getting a lot of video game time in lol!

It's Christmas All Over Again

The Holidays snuck up on me this year.  I was so busy with switching jobs that it felt like I woke up one day and it was Thanksgiving.  And we all know that the time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year flies by, so it’s basically already 2011.  Well, I guess we have Christmas first.

And, since the Wham asks for them every year, here are the links to My Amazon Wish List and Alex’s Amazon Wish List.  I think that everyone should make Amazon Wish Lists because they make gift giving super easy (and fun)!

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas around the house.  We bought a new tree (got a super deal at BJ’s on a 7.5ft tree) and put it up and Alex put the lights up outside.  I still have a lot of cleaning and decorating to do, but we’ve got the big stuff done.

I’m honestly not super stoked about Christmas this year.  It’s kind of a let down since I was pregnant last year and thought this would be our first Christmas with a baby.  I got through the first six months of the year telling myself that I’d be pregnant again before the due date, but July came and went.  And now it’s the end of the year already.  Hopefully the rest of the year doesn’t suck as much as the first part of the year did.

I’m going to try and just focus on the good stuff and keep busy.  I’ve got a lot of projects I want to work on around the house and Christmas shopping to do.  I’m sure that it’ll be a good Christmas – I just wish I could get excited for it!