Finnegan is Haunting our House

Finnegan, our younger white and black cat, got out a few weeks ago. This is the fourth time since we’ve lived in this house that he got out and I think he may just be destined to be an outdoor kitty. He certainly seems to prefer to be outdoors.

But… He keeps haunting our house. Teasing me. Standing on the flower bed outside the living room window and crying, but then when I go to open the door he disappears. Skulking about the yard and stopping and staring at me when I see him, but then running if I try and approach. Sometimes, I swear I hear him crying outside, but when I look he’s not there.

Today I heard Fiona on the porch meowing. I went out to see if there was a particularly interesting bird that caught her attention when I saw Finn on the other side of the screen. “Hey, Finny,” I said. He stared at me. I’d left a bowl of food out for him previously but it had gotten soggy and gross, so I went into the kitchen to grab him a new bowl of food. Of course, when I returned to the porch, he was gone. I put the food out anyway and said loudly, “OK, Little Finn, here’s some food for you!” and went back into the house.

A few minutes later, I heard Fiona in the living room crying. I went out to see what was up with her and she was standing on the back of the couch, looking out the window and face to face with Finnegan who was standing on the flower bed. Fiona was all puffed up and unhappy – she always forgets who he is when he leaves. Finn sat stoically looking in at us. I walked out on the front steps to see if he’d come in and he was gone.

I returned to the kitchen and heard Fiona again on the porch – I walked out and looked through the screen door and there was Finn eating the food I left for him. Of course, he wanted nothing to do with me, but I was happy to see that he’s alive and doesn’t look too skinny or dirty. I think he lives under the neighbor’s house two doors down and he seems to appreciate that I leave food out for him. I guess that’s his destiny to be an outdoor cat? Seems OK while the weather is nice, but I worry about what will happen to him this summer. I guess I’ll just have to hope that he decides to come be our cat again before then!


Finally: a way to keep my cats from chewing up the TP! Paper Pots – $38 @UncommonGoods

My cats are super annoying. Well, they’re super cute and that’s what saves them from being killed when they’re super annoying. They enjoy Toilet Paper. A lot. They think it’s really cool to steal the TP from the bathroom and take it to a spot we don’t usually go in (the future nursery that sits empty at the end of the hall, for example) and shred it to pieces. Nothing delights them more than making big downy piles of TP shreds that they then track through the house. Sometimes they even shred the TP while it’s on the roll hanging on the wall. That’s super gross – you go to grab a piece of TP and discover that it’s mangled and shredded (and covered in dry cat spit).

I’ve been trying to come up with a solution (that isn’t keeping the roll high out of cat reach or just using tissues (because that’s expensive)). Nothing that I’ve come up with seemed like an “ah-ha” solution. Then I saw these “Paper Pots” at Uncommon Goods. They’re adorable! And hopefully having just a tiny bit of paper exposed at the top isn’t enough to seduce the cats into trying to gnaw the roll out of the pot.


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Turn that boring box of tissues into a sculptural statement with this functional and colorful tissue holder. Modern and refreshing, the paper pot is perfect for the bathroom as a toilet paper dispenser or as a tissue dispenser in any room. Pot unscrews and has a rod in the center to set tissues on or to hold a toilet paper roll. Mix and match the colors for even more fun! Made in China.

Winner of a 2008 Japan Good Design Award in the Life/Household Products category.