Max’s Baptism

Maxwell was baptized this morning at the 9:30am Mass at St John the Evangelist Church! We had a wonderful morning starting with his baptism during mass at our beautiful church and followed up by a small gathering of family back at our house. We began a small-but-big-enough-to-make-a-huge-mess remodeling project in our kitchen only a few weeks ago, which caused us to be working on the house right up until the very last minute – and then there was still cleaning and cooking to do! So there was definitely some stress leading up to this morning, but fortunately that didn’t spill over into today and we had a fantastic day!

Max was such a perfect little guy during mass today. I was a little nervous about how mass would go, considering he’s really only sat through an entire mass once before! I was also nervous about this morning because I scheduled the baptism about two months ago and when I talked to the church secretary then, she mentioned that the day was technically blocked off in their books, but since it looked like practically the only weekend that would work for us, she’d make an exception. I kept imagining we would show up this morning only to be told that they didn’t have us on the schedule! Of course they were ready for us today. The priest brought Max down the aisle during the processional and invited parish members to trace the sign of the cross on his forehead and Max did so great – he smiled at people and was perfectly comfortable letting Father Bob take him! He even tolerated the holy water on his head and really only cried a little after the priest went back for a third pass over his head. We were so proud of our little guy! And since we’re blessed with such a large immediate family, we had quite the crowd at church this morning!

I made Max’s baptism outfit – white stretch corduroy pants and a vest with a bow tie – and I think he looked pretty dapper today.

Back at our house, we had more food than we could fit on my table and counters – and with my younger brothers and nephew in attendance, that was a good thing! We had a great time celebrating with our family today and we are so grateful that we were able to do that! Of course not everyone could be here (and we were really pushing the limits of being able to fit in our small house!), but we know that those who weren’t with us physically today were sending good thoughts our way and were with us in spirit!