Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day this year was definitely different from years past, but still a lot of fun! The first difference? I decorated kind of a little. Now that we’ve got a little guy, he inspires me to do a little more for holidays to make them special and fun. Not that he notices decorations, at all lol.


The next difference? I was actually sober at the Albany St Patrick’s Day parade lol. Alex was working, so Max and I went to the parade with Mer and her family. Her kids were so excited for the parade and we had a great time! Max really enjoyed the bands – he bounced up and down in my arms, dancing to the music as bands passed us by. He seemed to really enjoy the parade (as much as a one year old can enjoy a parade lol) and I’m glad we went!




I made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes again this year and thankfully I haven’t eaten all of them (yet). I wanted to bring a bunch to Alex at work last night, but they had a fire and by the time they were back at the station, I had put Max to bed and couldn’t go anywhere. These cupcakes are so freaking good, they shouldn’t be allowed. I was bored late last night, so I made some adorable flags from some toothpicks and washi tape. I think the turned out really cute!




Today, we had lunch with Nina at Buffalo Wild Wings. Max enjoyed a Guinness (stress toy to chew on):


After lunch, Max went to Grandma’s house to hang out (and should have napped, but he wasn’t too into it…), while Alex and I went to Power’s Irish Pub to have a drink with some friends:


So we did have a bit of the typical St Paddy’s Day – Guinnesses in an overly crowded bar! We had corned beef and cabbage with the family before we came home and everyone crashed. Napless Max went right to bed when we got home, and Alex has been passed out on the couch for about an hour. Good times!

December already?!

Where did November go? It’s already the end of 2012? MAX WILL BE A YEAR OLD NEXT MONTH?!?!

The first part of November was very busy work for me at work.  I had a project that I was working on with a Go Live the week before Thanksgiving.  So the first part of the month really flew by for me  And then suddenly it was the week of Thanksgiving, so there was shopping and cleaning and baking and cooking to be done.

And then it was Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2012 Highlights

Thanksgiving 2012 Highlights

Who doesn’t love a holiday where you get to make (and eat!) lots of food, use your china, and dress your kid in a “turkey butt” outfit?  But seriously, I have so much to be thankful for – most of all my little man!

Of course, the moment Thanksgiving was over, Christmas started.  And we had our tree up by the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  And our second tree up this past week!  (Well, I put that one up while Alex was working – he didn’t approve of the idea of a second tree, but letting our old tree just sit in the basement didn’t seem right when we could brighten the playroom with it!)  I’ve made a big dent in my Christmas shopping and really just getting so excited for Max’s first Christmas!  I’m hoping we get to take him to see Santa this weekend!

Christmas 2012 Decorations

Christmas 2012 Decorations – I get so excited when I see all three of our stockings on the mantle! (I should have taken a better picture when Alex wasn’t playing “Assassin’s Creed”, though…)


Max’s First Halloween

We had so much fun for Max’s first Halloween!

Yay, I like this pumpkin!

Halloween really snuck up on us this year!  We’ve been *so incredibly busy* the last few weeks with the kitchen renovations, which necessitated extreme cleaning sessions, all while I was working on sewing Max’s Baptism outfit.  So when it came to planning Max’s Halloween costume, I knew I’d have to go with something that would be relatively quick and easy to put together.  Max, of course, didn’t have any input on what he wanted to be, but he’s been really into waving things around.  Give the boy a straw and you’ll have entertained him for a solid half hour (which is, like, eons in baby time).  So I thought I’d make him Harry Potter for Halloween so he could wave around a wand!

Max’s Mommy-Made Harry Potter costume!

I Googled “Baby Harry Potter” to try and get some costume ideas and I found this post on a blog where the author was talking about her book, World of Geekcraft, in which there are instructions for a Harry Potter costume for babies.  And I lucked out and the Kindle version of the book happened to be on sale for $2.99, so I bought it!  I made a few modifications to the costume – I didn’t finish the scarf in time, so I quickly printed out a Gryffindor Tie on Iron On Transfer Paper that I just happened to have around the house and ironed it on a plain white t-shirt (in his size!  Another thing I randomly had around the house…).  I also purchased a Gryffindor patch from an ebay seller instead of DIYing the Gryffindor emblem.  And there wasn’t a wand in the book, so I whipped one up using some of the leftover brown felt that I used for the broomstick.

I finished everything up late, late, late Monday night – just in time for Max to be able to wear his costume for his Daycare Halloween Parade and party on Tuesday!

Max didn’t want to stay in the stroller for his Daycare Halloween Parade, so Mommy carried him.

After Max’s Halloween Parade on Tuesday, we carved our pumpkin.  We didn’t get around to getting a pumpkin until late in the day on Sunday.  When we pulled up to the pumpkin stand, the mother-daughter team who were running it looked like they were trying to pack up.  They apologetically told us that all of the good pumpkins were gone… except for just one.  It was a *huge* pumpkin that they’d been using as their “sample extra-large pumpkin” and had a big “$20” written on it.  “It won’t be $20,” they said.  We told them we’d take it along with a couple of mini pumpkins – and they charged us $10 for the lot.  Score!

Alex carved the pumpkin while Max supervised:

Daddy carves the pumpkin while Max supervises.

And when we were done carving the pumpkin, we, of course, took a ton of pictures:

Posing with the pumpkin!

Max didn’t go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween (it was too cold and it’s not like he knew the difference this year!), but he really enjoyed “chewing” on candy!

You mean it tastes better with the wrapper off?



It's Christmas All Over Again

The Holidays snuck up on me this year.  I was so busy with switching jobs that it felt like I woke up one day and it was Thanksgiving.  And we all know that the time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year flies by, so it’s basically already 2011.  Well, I guess we have Christmas first.

And, since the Wham asks for them every year, here are the links to My Amazon Wish List and Alex’s Amazon Wish List.  I think that everyone should make Amazon Wish Lists because they make gift giving super easy (and fun)!

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas around the house.  We bought a new tree (got a super deal at BJ’s on a 7.5ft tree) and put it up and Alex put the lights up outside.  I still have a lot of cleaning and decorating to do, but we’ve got the big stuff done.

I’m honestly not super stoked about Christmas this year.  It’s kind of a let down since I was pregnant last year and thought this would be our first Christmas with a baby.  I got through the first six months of the year telling myself that I’d be pregnant again before the due date, but July came and went.  And now it’s the end of the year already.  Hopefully the rest of the year doesn’t suck as much as the first part of the year did.

I’m going to try and just focus on the good stuff and keep busy.  I’ve got a lot of projects I want to work on around the house and Christmas shopping to do.  I’m sure that it’ll be a good Christmas – I just wish I could get excited for it!