My Star Wars Bag is Amazing

I mean, it’s super awesome.

Mistakes: I’ve made a few. But then again, too few to mention. Well, not really. I mean, there’s the piping that is very imperfect in parts – but it was the first time I ever made piping and I did it!! And it’s Star Wars piping. So that awesomeness pretty much negates any mistakes, right? Right. Also, there are places where it looks like this and that is amazing to me:


And my modifications for the strap worked out OK, but not perfect. Fortunately: that can easily be corrected if I want to go back and twiddle with it.

But overall: man, it’s an awesome bag. And it’s BIG. I can fit all of my work stuff (laptop, cables, iPad, expandable file folder, etc, etc) along with my lunch and a sweater and it’s still got room. And the little pocket panel on the front makes it so handy to store things without losing them right away (which I am want to do).


And really: you can’t beat the fabric. It’s so deliciously nerdy! But what’s great, is it’s almost totally serious and normal looking on the outside (except for those darn too wide piping parts!), but then you open it up and you can see that it’s lighthearted and geeky. Just like me ;)


I didn’t grab good pictures with my camera right after I finished the bag and now I’ve been using it for almost a month(!) and I’ve started to get it dirty, so I figured I’d just go ahead and post my pictures I snagged the day that I finished it. My husband’s palindrome birthday is this week, and he’s requested that I make him a new laptop bag, so I get to do this whole thing all over again. I’m looking forward to correcting my mistakes and making an even better (constructed) bag this time!

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