Star Wars Messenger Bag: Cutting Complete!

Um, thank GOD the cutting and interfacing prep is over! I think I’m about 5 hours into actual work on the bag (vs planning – probably already invested about 2 solid hours of planning before I began!) and I, only now just finished cutting all the pieces and applying fusible fleece. PHEW!

I’m glad I bought 2 yards of my accent fabric, because I changed up what would be cut from the main fabric and what would be cut from the accent fabric, so I couldn’t follow the cutting layouts exactly. I ended up having to cut an interior bag lining piece not exactly the right direction because I didn’t have enough fabric left to cut it facing the right way. Thankfully it’s not striped fabric and won’t be too obvious – but I’ll know. I think I’ll survive though!

I’m planning on starting the actual sewing tomorrow night! My wishful thinking is that I’ll actually get it all done tomorrow too – but I highly doubt it. There are three zippers and piping to be done (OMG!) and about a billion pockets. I’m also planning some modifications to the strap construction which will require me to actually think myself through that part and not just follow the pattern. So… Yeah. It’s a pipe dream that I’ll bet it all done in one night!

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