Me, I’m Just the Lucky Kind…

I originally posted this project on my personal blog in February of 2011.  February is National Embroidery Month and I was so inspired by all of the embroidery tutorials I kept seeing around the web, that I was inspired to try it out myself.

My very first embroidery project.  I did this at a low point in my life when I thought I'd never get pregnant.  I ended up using this as a focal point during labor almost a year later!

My very first embroidery project. I did this at a low point in my life when I thought I’d never get pregnant. I ended up using this as a focal point during labor almost a year later!

I kept seeing embroidery projects all over the web the last few weeks (apparently, February is National Embroidery Month) and it got me thinking that learning to embroider might be the perfect companion craft to sewing. Since I’m a beginner sewer and tend to pick projects that don’t incorporate a lot of embellishment in the patterns themselves, I could add some cute embroidery to them to really finish off my projects.

So here’s my first attempt at embroidering. I found a simple shamrock clip art file online (after discovering that my drawing skills are so nonexistent that I can’t even freehand a shamrock) and printed it out with the word “Lucky” underneath in a simple font. Then I traced the design directly onto my fabric. I backstitched the entire pattern because it was the only stitch that I could figure out how to do by reading instructions I found online.

I think it turned out cute! I definitely need to keep practicing and working on making my stitches uniform and learning more stitching techniques – but I enjoyed the project (nice to have a “portable” craft) and I like the results. Since I’m a little addicted to buying picture frames, I’m planning on putting this in one of the cute frames I have at home that’s currently pictureless (that drives Alex crazy that I collect picture frames and don’t fill them right away, but I love the frames and I’m picky about what pictures I’ll put in them). I really like the way it turned out – a cute little reminder that I’m the lucky kind when I’m feeling down.

I still do have a massive collection of unused frames – even with now having an incredibly photogenic child! I did use up one of those frames with framing this project.  I remember that at the time when I did the project, I was feeling anything but lucky.  I was undergoing some testing for infertility and was very, very afraid that I would never be a mother.  I was trying to convince myself that no matter what, I was lucky with all the things that I had in life and that things would work out the way they were supposed to, which is why I chose to do the shamrock/Lucky art.  Well, that and St Patrick’s Day was coming up the next month! But really, it was a very low point in my life when I did that project, but what I didn’t know at the time was that I was pretty much at the lowest point then and was about to head back up to good times again.  I was able to use this piece as my focal point during labor nearly a year later!

I’m proud of that first embroidery project. It’s simple, and cute, and very much my style. I’ve only done a few more needlework crafts since then, but I really enjoy the capability to bring the creative project along with me wherever I am in the house (as opposed to sewing, where I need to be at my sewing machine in my sewing room), so I can see the frequency of this type of project only increasing.  When you’re working full time and trying to be a good wife and mother as well as work in your creative pursuits, it’s wonderful to find something that will allow you to get your crafting fix while you also socialize with your husband on the couch after the baby is in bed!

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