Countdown to Disney!

Woo hoo! We’re going to Disney World!! Of course, I can’t wait and of course, I’m a bit obsessed right now. I’ve had a countdown going on my phone since we booked the trip and I’ve been meaning to create some sort of physical countdown craft for in the house for a while. But I haven’t been able to decide on what to do.

I liked this one:
So cute! But I’m way not into painting wood.

…and this one:
Perfect use for Pick Your Plum blank wooden block sets!! Too bad I didn’t buy a set. Will have to remember next time they come up for sale.

…and this one:
Oh! Oh! Oh! How cute is that one?! But making it to an actual craft store where I could pick up wreath forms just isn’t happening these days.

I finally decided to just do something that I could use the materials I had on hand. So with a bit of red polka dot fabric (leftover from making the crib skirt for Max’s nursery), some black vinyl, some chalkboard vinyl, my Silhouette Cameo, and a picture frame, I put together our Disney countdown!

First, I removed the back of my picture frame and cut the fabric so that I could wrap it around the back. I just secured my fabric down with tape because the frame would hold it in place once I put it back together (and after the trip is over, this whole countdown will easily disassemble so that I can use the frame for other projects).


Then, I assembled the frame; it already looks pretty cute, right?


I cut and weeded my vinyl with my Silhouette. I cut the Mickey head from chalkboard vinyl and the words (using Waltograph font) from indoor (non-permanent) black vinyl.


Then I applied my vinyl to the picture frame’s glass. When I created the design, I didn’t account for the fact that an 8×10 picture frame wouldn’t have 8×10 inches of glass showing after it was put in the frame. So it took some rearranging and I ended up erring on the side of caution and spreading out the design a little bit more than was necessary toward the top and bottom, but I still think that it turned out pretty cute!


And it looks pretty cute on my mantle snuggled in between two of my favorite pictures of my little man!


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