My Little Man is a Whole Year Old!!



Maxwell is a year old today!  Alex and I keep saying, “A whole year!” and, “Where did this year go?!” because we just can’t believe that our baby is so big already!  Max keeps saying, “Hi” and “Ba ba ba ba ba” because those are the words that he knows.

We had a small celebration for Max tonight.  Alex made two of Max’s favorite foods – green beans and macaroni and cheese – and picked up a cake for Max.  We had dinner, sang “Happy Birthday” to Max, gave him some cake, gave him a tubby, and then let him open up three of his gifts.  We’re doing  a birthday party for him on Sunday, so we’re saving the rest of his gifts for then.  It was a fun, quiet night at home and we’re looking forward to a great celebration with family and friends on Sunday!

This past year has been the best year of our lives.  Watching Max transform from a tiny, squishy, little squawking newborn into a sweet, inquisitive, and silly little boy has been amazing!  We’ve met the challenge of first-time-parenting head on and discovered that we were capable of much more than we ever imagined; and Max surprises us every day with how much he is able to do.  Just today, for example, we gave him a spork with his birthday cake and he dipped it into the cake and shoveled some into his mouth!  Of course, it was the wrong end of the spork that he used, but we’ll get there!

We’re so proud of our Little Man!  Happy Birthday, Max!  We love you and we’re so thankful that we get to be your parents!


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