December already?!

Where did November go? It’s already the end of 2012? MAX WILL BE A YEAR OLD NEXT MONTH?!?!

The first part of November was very busy work for me at work.  I had a project that I was working on with a Go Live the week before Thanksgiving.  So the first part of the month really flew by for me  And then suddenly it was the week of Thanksgiving, so there was shopping and cleaning and baking and cooking to be done.

And then it was Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2012 Highlights

Thanksgiving 2012 Highlights

Who doesn’t love a holiday where you get to make (and eat!) lots of food, use your china, and dress your kid in a “turkey butt” outfit?  But seriously, I have so much to be thankful for – most of all my little man!

Of course, the moment Thanksgiving was over, Christmas started.  And we had our tree up by the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  And our second tree up this past week!  (Well, I put that one up while Alex was working – he didn’t approve of the idea of a second tree, but letting our old tree just sit in the basement didn’t seem right when we could brighten the playroom with it!)  I’ve made a big dent in my Christmas shopping and really just getting so excited for Max’s first Christmas!  I’m hoping we get to take him to see Santa this weekend!

Christmas 2012 Decorations

Christmas 2012 Decorations – I get so excited when I see all three of our stockings on the mantle! (I should have taken a better picture when Alex wasn’t playing “Assassin’s Creed”, though…)


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