Six Months!

My baby turned six months old yesterday! I can’t believe how quickly these months have flown by. I also can’t believe how much he’s changed! He’s no longer a squishy, sleepy little lumpkin – he’s a bright, shiny little baby! We’ve been having so much fun watching him conquer new abilities. He’s still not a fan of Tummy Time, but he’s got excellent head control and can push himself up on his hands (and was working on getting up on his knees last night!) and look around. He hasn’t yet rolled over, but he seems so close! He’s been sitting up on his own for a few weeks now – at first he could only stay up on his own for a few minutes but now I feel pretty confident putting him down on the floor without feeling like I need to stay behind him to bounce him back up if he starts to fall. His best times are in the mornings. He’s such a happy smiley guy – makes it hard to get ready for work and leave him at daycare! He’s out of his swaddle at night now and in the mornings he doesn’t cry when he wakes up, instead he just lays in his crib playing with his feet and cooing to himself. He’s such a sweetheart!

He’s changed so much in how he looks too. Ok, well, that’s obvious! But I mean, when he was first born, he looked so much like Alex. Like his little twin! But now that he’s a little older, I can see more of myself in him. I put this comparison photo together when the ladies in the online moms’ group that I participate in all started posting pictures of their kids and themselves to show that their kids did/did not look like them. I think you can really see how Max has grown into some of my features:

Daddy, Max / Mommy, Max

Max started solids recently. We started him off with “Baby Oatmeal” a couple weeks ago – and I, of course, made sure we thoroghly documented the occasion:

He tried butternut squash this week for the first time. I got a Beaba Babycook baby food maker from one of the girls in the moms’ group (along with pretty much everything we’ll ever need to feed Max solids lol!) and butternut squash was the first thing I made in it. It’s super easy to use and for the price of one butternut squash I made 14 oz of baby food. So, ok, I did calculate it out and the squash cost $2.90 while buying the equivilent in squash Gerber 1st Foods would be $3.27, so there’s a savings of $0.37, but it all adds up, right? Here’s Max enjoying some squash:

Max enjoying (no really!) some butternut squash

He actually really did like the squash. I liked it too (before we mixed in some formula for the right consistency) – steamed and pureed squash tastes really sweet. This was also the first time that Daddy tried feeding him… We’ll all get better with practice. ;) Max and I had a shower after dinner last night!

Max goes for his 6 month check up on Friday and I’ve got the day off work to take him. Hopefully he does well with his shots and isn’t too fussy on Friday – but even if he is I’ve got the entire day to snuggle him! I’m pretty excited to find out how much he’s grown and how much he weighs. I’m estimating about 16.8 lbs now – we’ll see what they say on Friday!

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