4 months almost done already…


Where did my tiny guy go?!

It seems like 4 months is a transition period between the newborn and older baby period in most of what I’ve been reading. Now is a time when we could think about starting solids (though he’s doing fine with the breast milk and formula that he’s been getting, so we most likely won’t start until 6 months) and when we should be working on making sure Max can self soothe to get himself to sleep. We will have to work on that last one – we’re still in the habit of swaddling and rocking the little guy to sleep.

Max had an evaluation at daycare and he mostly seems on track. He got one zero – he doesn’t yet grab at things in front of him, say on a table. Alex says that it’s just because he’s polite lol. I know that babies all develop at different rates, but I couldn’t help but worry over the areas where he didn’t score “perfect tens”. His doctor didn’t seem concerned at his four month appointment, though, so I know that I should just calm down and enjoy my little guy.

And he is just so enjoyable right now. He’s always got a huge smile for Alex and me! He’s super cute in the mornings when we’re all getting ready for the day. Of course, this makes us late getting out the door every day because we tend to linger in bed (where I bring him after he wakes up and eats – he doesn’t spend the night in our bed!) making him giggle and coo. I love to watch Alex and Max play in the mirror while I get ready for work. Alex talks to him and tickles him and does tummy time and Max babbles away at him and sucks on his hands. Max is all about his hands lately – they must be super tasty! He’s also become able to be a little more independent now by entertaining himself for 20 or so minutes at a time in his exersaucer. He looks like such a big boy in it!

This is a fun time but I’m also pretty excited for the next few months when he learns to sit up and can start to really be able to play with toys and not just shove them in his mouth (although I know that will still be part of his repertoire for a while). This year is going to fly by with all of these new developments happening all the time. I know before I know it I’ll have a little toddler on my hands!

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