22 Weeks and another Ultrasound!

Yesterday marked 22 weeks along for me in this pregnancy!  I realized as I looked at one of my (many) pregnancy iPhone apps that it means I’ve got 18 weeks left.  Seeing my weeks left under 20 was randomly shocking!  18 weeks is still a long time to go, but it’s a heck of a lot less than 40 weeks where I started out!

I had another Ultrasound today – my 10th one since the beginning of this pregnancy lol!  I guess this is the one advantage to starting out infertile and overweight – you get more ultrasounds!  Today’s ultrasound was fun (as always) and I got some pretty cool pictures of the Baby – all of which can be seen in my January 2012 Flickr set.  At my 20 week ultrasound, we didn’t get any cool pictures of Baby’s face (just some creepy skeletal looking ones).  Today, we got a couple of cool pictures of the face where you can actually distinguish a face out of the black and white blobs:

22 Week Ultrasound - Face

22 Week Ultrasound - Baby's Face


Baby has their left arm up by their head in this picture.  Seeing Baby laying there with their arm up by their head totally made me smile, because I definitely do this to this day.  In fact, my first baby picture has me in a similar pose:

Newborn Ali

My First Baby Picture

Seeing Baby again was great.  The tech gave me a lot of other pictures of the arms and hands and feet – we’re not looking to find out the gender, so there were no “revealing shots” lol :)  The hand and feet shots are kind of interesting, but not all that cute.  I think this is the only other really cute shot that we got today:

22 Week US - Baby's Profile

22 Week US - Baby's Profile

It’s amazing how crunched up in there Baby is!  As I type this, Baby is kicking me in the bladder.  That’s Baby’s favorite trick: when my bladder gets full and starts impeding on his/her space, Baby starts kicking like a Ninja.  I first started to feel Baby’s kicks about 2 weeks ago, on the way to my last ultrasound appointment.  In fact, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling until after that appointment and I saw where baby’s feet were and made the connection between the little thumps I was just starting to feel and where I could see Baby was positioned.  Baby is laying with his/her head to my right side, and then sort of positioned diagonally down and across so his/her feet are down towards my left hip.  The placenta is lying on the top and you can actually see it in that last picture above – it looks like a fluffy cloud above the baby.  I think because of the position of the placenta, I only feel Baby when he/she kicks way down low – so nowhere that anyone else could feel from the outside yet lol!

Anyway, fun/exciting stuff and because Baby wasn’t in the perfect position, I get another ultrasound in 3 weeks!

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