My Birthday… and another Birthday in 6 months

Today’s my birthday!  Yay!  I’m 32 – holy crap!  As usual, I get a little sentimental on my birthday, so I thought I’d look back at my first birthday post on my blog, which was 9 years ago when I was 23.  Um, 23 year old me cracks me up.  That July, Beck and I went camping with Eric and Sarah and I also got my first apartment.  If you feel so inclined, you can read those posts here.  I love that camping included buying a tent a half hour before we went camping and shopping at the Nine West outlet LOL!

(Brief side note: there’s some sort of church service going on in the park that we live on and while I sit here at my computer it alternately sounds like chanting and operatic singing.  Bizarre.)

So, 32.  That makes me old.  You know what else makes me old?  I’ll be a mommy in six months.  Yep, I haven’t posted about it publicly on my blog yet, but I’m pregnant!  Which is, of course, superfreakingamazingandexciting!!!  Also, my due date is exactly six months from today.  Not that baby will come on that day, I’m sure.  But still.  184 days until January 17th!

Baby at 12 weeks

Sigh :)  I could stare at that all day.  :)

Soyeah – It’s my birthday and my day so far has gone like this: Up at 7:30am to kiss Alex goodbye as he headed out to work (working a 24 hr shift with the fire department today – boo!).  Bummed around for a bit ready baby-related books (what else?).  Decided that I’d finally get around to making a maternity shirt out of a hot pink empire waisted dress from Target that was too short to wear without leggings.  I don’t need to wear maternity shirts yet, but I felt like wearing something “new” today and I am getting a little thicker around the middle, so I figured I might as well convert the dress into a shirt now.  It actually turned out pretty cute – maybe I’ll post some pictures later.  Oh yeah – so I did that first thing this AM while the cats whined at me until I finished up and fed them.  Since then, I’ve been bumming around on the couch and at my computer.  I’ll be heading up to CP shortly to hang out by the pool with the family and I think there will be cake and ice cream. :)

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